Who We Are

Stand Your Ground team

Our Core Value

We value honesty and integrity.  We will support you as you stand in truth.  We will build on a foundation of understanding and realistic expectations.

We want what is best for you, and if we don’t have the ability to help, we will always connect you to other available resources.

Our goal is to support the holistic well-being of our clients as they navigate a major life transition.  

We are accessible and responsive.  We know the importance of reliable, open communication and we will be there for you when you need us.

Meet The Team

Annie Gunderson

Annie Gunderson

Annie graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Psychology and Business. She was married and divorced young and has spent the past 15 years being a resource for her friends and family who needed help navigating their own divorces. In her search for information, she found Tina Swithin and immediately felt connected to her mission. As a Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach, Annie combines an understanding of human behavior with real world experience to support her clients. Annie comes from a place of understanding, and not judgement. She has experience with difficult personality types, narcissistic personality disorder, drug addiction, sex addiction and alcohol abuse. Annie has extensive experience with High Net Worth clients and understands how to navigate the unique challenges involved in those cases. With her clients she prioritizes organization, clear communication and firm boundaries.

Brianna Lively

Brianna Lively

Brianna is a dedicated Mom, Paralegal, and Herbalist with seven years of experience navigating high conflict cases. Brianna brings a unique blend of professional expertise and personal insights to her coaching practice.

As a paralegal, she possesses in-depth knowledge of family law procedures and documentation. She emphasizes the importance of comprehensive and organized documentation, empowering clients to make informed decisions and present compelling evidence.

Brianna has firsthand experience with parenting time evaluations. She understands the factors considered, the importance of authenticity, and the strategies for advocating for the best interests of the children. With multiple certifications in child psychology, she brings a deep understanding of the emotional needs of children. She incorporates self-care practices and herbalism to support clients in prioritizing their well-being throughout the divorce process.

Shannon Farrow

Shannon Darrow

Shannon is originally from Southern California but has lived in Oregon for almost 10 years. She has a degree in Criminal Justice and a Law Degree. Over the past 18 years she built a career between small business and Fortune 500 within the golf industry. Shannon was married and divorced in CA but has navigated the family court system in CA and OR. For a decade she has endured a high conflict divorce process including mediation, change of jurisdiction, modifications, and a custody evaluation. She has worked with a variety of therapeutic professionals to support her family’s progress. This experience, while painful and difficult, provided invaluable knowledge and relationships. Shannon wants to support others so they can avoid some of the pitfalls and pain the divorce process can inevitably deliver. She is highly organized, punctual, and efficient, and understands the legal and emotional parts of the process. I can assure you will be well prepared with a strategic forward-thinking approach. The goal will always be to make your journey easier, so you can focus on finding your light on the other side of it all.


Carin Sherman

Carin, a compassionate mother of two and a revered figure in her community, brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to her role as a divorce coach. Having personally traversed the challenging journey of divorce and emerged as a survivor of domestic violence, Carin’s story is a testament to her resilience and strength. Her background in law enforcement, combined with her certifications in counseling, grants her a unique and invaluable perspective when guiding her clients through the legal and emotional intricacies of divorce and healing from abusive relationships. Carin believes in an empathy-first approach, prioritizing emotional support alongside her assistance with legal documents. Her commitment to your well-being is unwavering. Together with Carin, you’ll embark on a journey towards healing and empowerment, knowing you have a dedicated advocate by your side.

Sandy Marson

Sandy Marson

Sandy has over 20 years of experience in family law as a paralegal and minor’s advocate including supervised parental visitation. Sandy has worked inside law firms with attorneys to assist clients navigating the roller coaster experience of divorce and custody. She is an excellent listener and will help you develop a plan and mentally prepare you for meetings with counsel, depositions, court appearances or anything else that is thrown your way. “It is like you are on a river in a raft with no oars, but this is where we create the oars that will work for you to navigate the water with the unknown adventure ahead.”
Sandy is a certified Divorce Coach and a supportive resource who will provide
motivational and emotional support across all phases of the process. This allows the
professionals, such as attorneys and therapists the ability to focus on what they are best at and create a support network that moves you closer to your goals. Best of all, YOU get to develop your post-marriage you.


Jill Maier

Jill moved to Portland in 2002 and completed her degree in Management and Marketing at Portland State University. She married her college sweetheart and, in a few years, she was the mother of two boys. Without being aware of how or when exactly, she found herself feeling isolated, controlled, and a shell of her former self. Jill successfully navigated the family court system and mandated mediation. From her own struggles, came the desire to help others – to honor and validate the vulnerability and feelings one faces in the family court system. Her goal is to support courageous healthy parents leaving a bad marriage. She believes no one should have to do it alone. As a Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach, Jill uses her extensive training and real-life experience to help you navigate your own divorce and custody negotiations. Jill will focus on attitudes, behaviors, public image, self-care and setting healthy boundaries, as well as the positive mental attitude to create a road map into the next chapter of your life.

Cody Summer

Cody Summer

Once upon a time I was a buckaroo and worked on various ranches. I cowboyed for a living-meaning I worked a-horseback on very remote ranches moving cattle where they didn’t want to go. 🙂 Before that, I was a cyclist – averaging 300 miles per week, an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), an elephant handler, bike mechanic and sang opera in college as a vocal performance major on scholarship. I loved to go hiking and trail running, write songs and sing. I was tough, strong, and creative.

Then life happened.

I experienced injuries, surgery, parasites and domestic violence. I got really sick and the medical world couldn’t help me get better.

Through the years I was able to use keto, fasting, carnivore and holistic nutrition to bring healing to my very stressed and traumatized body. I felt so broken. But the body is very resilient when given what it needs to heal! This is why I am so passionate about helping others reach the level of healing they desire in order to thrive.

I believe health must be approached as a balance between the three pillars of holistic nutrition: mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

My own path towards health and wellness has been (and continues to be!) a journey. I hope this journey will inspire and help others on their own path to health, healing and wholeness. ❤


Kerry Glovich

Kerry is a graduate of Georgian Court University with dual majors in education and history. She has worked with special needs children in the classroom setting and has raised a son with Autism. Kerry is uniquely qualified to guide families towards compassionate solutions when the divorce includes children with disabilities.
When Covid prevented her from returning to work at the school, she began studying, reading, and watching literally everything she could find in terms of overcoming narcissistic abuse and surviving domestic violence. Her passion is helping abuse victims not just survive- but THRIVE.

Kerry has experience assisting individuals coming out of long-term relationships and finding themselves again, helping families navigate divorce with special needs children and special health considerations, and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of dealing with high conflict individuals. She is certified as both a High Conflict Divorce Coach and as a Wellness Coach. Kerry strongly supports the mission of Tina Swithin and One Mom’s Battle and is an advocate for all children and their safe parents.


Dovina Wright

Dovina is no stranger to combating adversity. She is an Iraq War veteran, serving 11 years as a military intelligence analyst. Her time included deployments to Baghdad during the height of the conflict, a tour to NORAD Cheyenne Mountain, and serving as a civilian intelligence analyst in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dovina is a proud mother of 2 children, a high school cheerleading coach, a former small business owner, and is currently pursuing a law degree.

Dovina has experienced divorce and is proof that happiness can be established post divorce. She has a strong relationship with her family and believes in effective communication, proper planning and utilization of resources, and applying perspective to life’s challenges. She is a consummate problem solver and employs her professional background and life experiences to help her clients emerge successfully. Dovina’s goal is to be a resource and asset for her clients and insure that they are not alone during the divorce process.

Where You Can Find Us

Annie Gunderson
Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR

Brianna Lively
Hood River, OR

Shannon Darrow
Lake Oswego, OR

Jill Maier
Sherwood, OR

Sandy Marson
Mollala, OR

Dovina Wright
Oregon City, OR

Cody Summers
Medford, OR

Kerry Glovich
Freehold, NJ

Annie Gunderson – Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR
Brianna Lively – Hood River, OR
Shannon Darrow – Lake Oswego, OR
Jill Maier – Sherwood, OR
Sandy Marson – Mollala, OR
Dovina Wright – Oregon City, OR
Cody Summers – Medford, OR
Kerry Glovich – Freehold, NJ

Stand Your Ground Divorce Coaches

We are protective parents

We are sympathetic listeners

We are strong advocates and strategic thinkers

We stand with you in truth and understanding

We validate your experience without judgement

We do not tolerate abuse and do not believe that people who abuse their partners are good parents

We support your total wellness – physical, emotional, financial

We believe that children need healthy parents

We prioritize the wellbeing of the children

We will protect your mental and physical health and safety

We believe that knowledge is power

There is tremendous strength in our community

We are here to help

Want to Join Our Team?

We are always welcoming of people who share our mission and want to help others.  Whether you are currently a certified divorce coach or considering this path, please reach out.  We would love to talk to you!