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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Divorce Coach help me?

We are informed guides and resources. We work collaboratively with the other professionals in your life to uplift and support you, and we will not hesistate to connect you with all available resources. We can help you start thinking about the outcome you desire and make a plan to achieve it. We help with parenting plans, financial settlements, document preparation and clear communication, among several other things. We have no ego in this process. We only want to help you achieve a result you are happy with.

Can I afford another professional service?

We are acutely aware of how expensive this process can be and are always mindful of your finances. Most of our clients report that they actually saved money by hiring a divorce coach. We are super efficient. There is a lot of work that we can do together to support the work done by your attorney, at a much lower hourly rate. As a result, you can empower your attorney to do only what they are best at and save money in the process.

Will divorce coaches be available when I need them?

Yes!! We are responsive and will accomodate our client’s schedule as much as possible. We are also willing to attend your court dates or mediation if you need us.

How do I choose which coach is right for me?

The good news is that you do not have to choose! If you book a consultation with one of our coaches, you will have the option of scheduling a consultation with the other three coaches for free. We want you to feel comfortable and supported.